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Englishkid is looking for talented English teachers to children!

We are looking for experienced native speakers British, American or Australian to teach English to children at the age from 2 to 12.

The school is located in the city of Kiev, the country Ukraine! Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, a big, modern and beautiful city to live in. More information on what life like in Kiev you can find in the links below

What is life like in Kiev (click on the pictures below):




EnglishKid is looking for experienced teachers or fresh graduates from Colleges preparing teachers for children.

Here are the requirements:


The successful applicant must get along with children well and find joy in communicating and spending time with children, teaching them in a playful, seamless way.

Your experience in teaching to children is a great advantage but is not absolutely necessary as we provide trainings.

The responsibilities of a teacher at EnglishKid include

-        preparing to the lessons;

-        conducting lessons;

-        participating in trainings (once in a month or otherwise as the case might be)

The lesson structure for children includes

1. Working with flashcards

2. Doing games (with flashcards and without)

3. Doing songs

4. Colouring papers, painting, clay modeling, drawing

We teach children through games. If you are familiar with the flashcards, substitution drills, songs and games for children this will be an advantage.  

Professionally given lesson to very young children (2 through 5 years old) also includes use of songs or rhymes. If you know how to incorporate songs and rhymes into your lesson this is great!

You can work part time or full time.

And the perk. No late hours!

If you know that you are qualified for an American, British or Australian teacher to children send resume to info @ (our website)

You can get more information via Skype (nat_gorb)


Several reasons to come here and teach:

Ukraine is the country with inexpensive healthy food and healthcare, very cheap transportation cost and lots of things to explore. It has the Black Sea the Ski Resort (The Carpathians) and plenty of places to have good time. Cost of living is very low and for a thousand dollars you can access all good things in your free time.

  • You can live and explore one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe, Kiev and the country Ukraine
  • You can do something significant in others lives, in the lives of the youngest people
  • If you want to make a change in your life, learn different culture this is the time to do so
  • If your life faded and you want to bring back the excitement in your life this experience will help you look differently at what you do in a world and reevaluate your life and aspirations as you will meet so many new and different people with different lifestyle, all educated and skillful in many ways
  • You can help unite cultures and make the world more open place
  • And at the same time enjoy friendly atmosphere of the capital of Ukraine, Kiev and its best recreations and sightseeing

For our teachers we organize small corporate events, plan excursions and tours around Kiev and to the different cities of Ukraine. We want for our teachers to fulfill their desire to discover new culture and the best in it. So as a part of our benefits, we plan educational & entertainment trips to the most remarkable sightseeings in Ukraine. Working as a teacher you can be in the community of alike and from time to time go with the community on a trip to explore another city or area of Ukraine.


A few words about Kiev where EnglishKid operates. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, its business centre where all the government bodies, head offices and foreign liaisons are located. If you have heard about Orange Revolution, it has taken place in Kiev on the Independence Square.

apply_f2Kiev is the place where anybody can find a satisfaction to his taste. Kiev has many lifestyles to offer. There are entertainment centres with bowling, carting, roller skating and ice skating, karaoke, artificial mountain climbing, laser tag games, table games, 3D and 7D dimensions attractions etc.

apply_f2Kiev is the place with any restaurant to your taste. There are fast foods of any kind, small café, coffee places, big restaurants with live music, little stands, take outs and delivery service. One peculiar type of food which all the foreigners find new here is shaurma. It has been brought by the Eastern cuisine and for some reason has become extremely popular here. Basically it is a salad with a sausage or chicken meat skillfully wrapped up in a thin layer of dough.

apply_f2Kiev is the place where all most popular cuisines can be found. Ukrainian traditional, Italian, Japanese, American food restaurants are in large quantity scattered in all districts of Kiev. Especially popular is Japanese food.

apply_f2In Kiev you can find sport clubs, swimming pools, tennis courts and even a mini golf court. A big one is located outside of Kiev.

apply_f2A great place of attraction is the Dnieper river. Kiev is located on two banks, right and left. This location resulted in many bridges (about 8 or more) which cross the Dnieper tying up two banks. Within Kiev there are parks with lakes, creeks and brooks.

There are bays on the bank of the Dnieper. Some bays are well equipped, all in stone with rows of restaurants on the side, beautifully dressed people strolling up and down and music coming from the restaurants. The smoke of the barbecue comes from every corner in the summer at such places.

apply_f2In Kiev there are places to rent a bike, to water ski and to kayak. There are bike clubs and kayak clubs and there is even a competition between kayak teams annually held in autumn just in the city, in one of its channels.

There is an annual marathon which takes place in the centre of the city in spring, on its main street Kreshchatik under chestnuts. It is called “An annual marathon under chestnuts”.

apply_f2Kiev is a cultural centre. Kiev as surprising as it can be is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Russian empire takes roots in Kiev. Skiffs civilization was on the territory of modern Ukraine. There were cities in stone up to 1000 houses here in Ukraine at the time when there were no pyramids in Egypt. It is all on display in excavation evidence available for you to discover and the museum of Trypilska Culture is one of the most popular sights of attraction among visitors.

apply_f2From Kiev you can travel to any other city of Ukraine such as Kamenets Podilskyi, Lviv or Odessa.

apply_f2There is a winter resort in Ukraine the Carpathian Mountains and a summer resort the Crimea peninsular.

To apply for the position of English teacher you can use a Contact form or send to info @ (our website)