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Studying at home, in comfortable environment, no weather or traffic troubles, surrounded by best toys & playmates.

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The main element of EnglishKid is game which proves to be most effective way to learn English by kids throughout the world.

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Your child will be learning how to speak real English at the level American or British children speak from the very start
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The choice of the teacher is a hard one as much as important one because many things depend on the teacher. In the situation with small children we are happy to reassure you. The undeniable fact is thatBooo teaching to small children takes a lot of physiological and emotional resources of a teacher. This is why not everybody can teach to children. While you can somehow force yourself into teaching to adults, only those who like teaching to children can do it.

Our teachers are Americans or British, generally young people with college education and successful teaching to children experience, or highly qualified Ukrainian teachers at the level of “native speaker”. We always check practical skills of a teacher before putting him/her up to a real lesson.

With them your child will speak English.

Besides the fact that our teachers have a positively acknowledge their job, many of them have professional background. Good teacher is the one who can make the studying process exciting and appealing to a child. Our teachers – passionate and talented, energetic and friendly people with friendly approach to children, can speak with them the same language in both figurative and direct way.

We will never let a teacher into a classroom for the only reason to “close the window” until we are sure that he/she conforms to the description above.

We take the selection of teachers close the heart and painstaking because we want you and your children to benefit from the studying most of all.

James came from Pennsylvania, even though he has Ukrainian roots he has exceptional knowledge of both colloquial and academic English language. He finished his school with 3.8 GPA score at Honor Roll. His passion is mathematics and physics and he has plans to pursue on the scientific path in this area. He is determined to build his way up to the range near if not at the level of Einstein, Mendeleev or Pythagoras. James has exceptional people skills and exceptional personality. He also has a very unusual hobby which is glass blowing. In his lessons all students achieve progress. James is customizing his lessons to each student and searches for individual approaches. All the students like studying with him which ultimately benefits their progress


“I am from California, USA and have lived in Ukraine for 1 year with my Ukrainian husband.  In May 2011 I graduated with a Bachelor's of Science from Virginia Tech in Virginia and I am also a registered dietitian and nutritionist.  Although my original education is in science, I love teaching English. I have taught English to children since December 2012, professionally and through volunteer English clubs, but I have been working with children and teaching other topics like science, math and reading for as long as I can remember. My goal for classes is to help children improve their English speaking and have fun at the same time.  I do this by assessing the individual needs of each child and shaping my teaching method based on a curriculum to fit the child's previous knowledge and desires.  For example, not every 6 year old will enjoy the same activities so I try different games and activities until we find what he or she likes best that will help him or her learn the curriculum.  I thoroughly plan each lesson so I am prepared each time, and I keep track of each student's progress over time to see what can be improved.  Our lessons are exclusively in English and I have found that while this may be challenging for the child in the beginning, he or she ultimately learns more and faster this way.  I am a positive and joyful person and I encourage all my students in even the smallest improvements so they will develop and keep a love for English”.

Mike came from the US. Being a father of two children of his own, he knows a lot about child rearing, and he knows better than anybody how children like when adults play with them. "I like teaching to children more because children are not so sofisticated as adults. Children are simple to work with. Adults are difficult to figure out. Give one smile to a child - and they will return it with many smiles." Mike is proficient with the materials relevant to work with children. He is excellent in miming, immitating, he is fond of games, excellently incorporates games in the lesson and deeply understands child's psychology. Mike holds both individual (one-on-one) lessons and group lessons.

Marina is a certified, highly qualified and experienced professional teacher for early childhood from 2 up to 7 years old, even though she has proven to be exceptionally efficient with children of older age as well.

Marina has spent 6 years in Australia high school Charlton Brown receiving education, knowledge and practical skills in working with small children from the infancy to the preschool age. Her practical teaching experience totals to almost 3 years. She started to work in Australia for 2 years and then came to Ukraine to visit her family and continues working here.

She has

Advanced Diploma of Children’s Services 2010 CHARLTON BROWN
Diploma of Children’s Services 2009 CHARLTON BROWN
Certificate III in Children's Services 2008 CHARLTON BROWN
First Aid Certificate 2010 CHARLTON BROWN

Marina has outstanding personality; she is caring, enthusiastic, outgoing and multilingual teacher. Her lessons are taught completely in English.

She knows the way literally to every child, she knows child’s psychology and she is familiar with all and any modern and cutting edge concepts on Early Childhood Development including Montessori. She enjoys dancing; she has a little weakness for nice dresses which can be easily forgiven as she is so positive individual.