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Studying at home, in comfortable environment, no weather or traffic troubles, surrounded by best toys & playmates.

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The main element of EnglishKid is game which proves to be most effective way to learn English by kids throughout the world.

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Your child will be learning how to speak real English at the level American or British children speak from the very start

Studying English by kids is not limited by merely language studying. A child gets familiar with the language through life communication, games, songs, drawing, fairy tale characters and objects, creatures from real world. Purely linguistic knowledge of what modal verbs are and what their names is wasted on children. At their early age children perceive English studying process rather like a game, communication and another way of exploring this world. That is way a child rather exists during the lesson in the context of English language than study it. And during this existence the following areas of physical substance and skills of a child are developing:

strawberryEnglish language + logic

At certain lessons children learn numbers and fundamentals of calculus and resolve exercises aiming at developing logic.

cherryEnglish language + attention

During the lesson children learn how to focus on certain details, they learn how to focus their attention in order to memorize certain words and train their memory making it stronger for future needs.


peasEnglish language + memory

A child has to remember new words in one or other way during studying which is a part of learning process. However, this does not mean that a child will be drilled or have to memorize by the force of will. Memory develops and grows stronger due to repetition of phrases and words in different, various games which naturally promote a child remember them.

strawberryEnglish language + independent thinking

Some people tend to believe that a secret in language learning is a pure memorizing. It is not quit correct. On opposite, English learning by kids excludes any memorization by force absolutely. On the contrary, learning process consists of games and activities which promote independent and logical thinking and natural communication.

pearsEnglish language + imagination

During the lessons a child often has to think of a situation or give an example based on his/her life experience but in new circumstances. For younger children the task can be to guess or “demonstrate” an animal, time of the day, state of body or emotional state. All this together develops imagination of a child.

peasEnglish language + reaction command

During group lessons a child has to keep attention with the pace of the lesson and his/her peers, listen to what they say. Many games and activities aim at developing a good rapid reaction. Mini groups create optimal comfortable environment where a child can easily grasp the rules of the game in order to participate.

strawberryEnglish + multicultural skills development

Studying of any foreign language encourages to explore boundaries of other world, other culture. A child needs to build up high level of concentration in order to understand conversation. This way he is learning how to listen. And, of course, how to form and express his own thoughts. In order to express his thought in foreign language a child needs to clearly formulate what he/she wants to say. At first a child can be very shy, however this uncertainty will fade away with the help of our teachers and the child will start speaking.

cherryEnglish language + broadening horizons and pushing boundaries

Representing lives of millions of people, live language bears an imprint of culture, lifestyle, state of mind and best accomplishments of a certain country. Therefore, even though it is possible to memorize some words, the language cannot be learned as a whole without certain features of the culture of the country who speaks that language. Moreover, knowledge acquired through studying foreign language eliminate barriers in communication with people from different cultures and, as a result, extend the boundaries of the world to a child.