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Studying at home, in comfortable environment, no weather or traffic troubles, surrounded by best toys & playmates.

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The main element of EnglishKid is game which proves to be most effective way to learn English by kids throughout the world.

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Your child will be learning how to speak real English at the level American or British children speak from the very start
What does a child hear? How does a child speak?

apply_f2One of the most widespread misconceptions about the English language is that it is believed that the major difficulty is to start speaking foreign language. However, in truth, the most difficult is sometimes to understand what has been said by a native speaker.

apply_f2Why does it happen, that people who study language in school or in university faced with a native speaker Englishman fall silent. And then come clean that they simply “could not understand what he was talking about”. Sad, isn’t it?


Meanwhile, to blame are combinations of words and collocations generally accepted in the English speaking environment. A person who was born and grew up in the country the language of which is being studied naturally uses all generally accepted word combinations and collocations without even thinking about them. Such a person is called a native speaker. The English language, like any other foreign language, is exceptionally rich in words combinations which have specific meaning only when used in a specific pattern. For example, a simple word “run” acquires absolutely different meanings when joined by different parts of the speech. Thus run across means “meet somebody by chance”, run into means “meet somebody unexpectedly”, run off means “go away”, run out of means “come to an end”, run somebody down means “chastise”. At the same time omission or replacement of any part of the collocation would ultimately distort its meaning. Imagine there words are learned incorrectly. In this case the time spent on learning them would be wasted because the words detached from real language will make no use as they will not be understood by an Englishman or American or any other person who learned English. At the same time a person who speaks this fake and detached from real life language will have a hard time understanding the language from the original source.

apply_f2Another important factor is pronunciation. The word mispronunced even if it is correct by its meaning is hard to understand by a native speaker. And far not everybody in real life is so kind as to get to the bottom of “what it was that had been said?”. Incorrect pronunciation of a single word can waste the whole time and efforts spent on the studying and remembering thereof.

We are absolutely sure that you want for your child to learn language correctly and efficiently without wasting time and efforts on relearning.

Solution – we offer! Learn language from the first hands

In order to save your time and time of your child from studying language in detachment from reality we offer to study English with a native speaker from the early childhood.

apply_f2Native speakers don’t make mistakes in the use and pronunciation of words because they grew up and spent most of their life saying the words in a way which is most natural for a real English speaking world. Provided of course that a native speaker is intelligent, educated and uses the words correctly. And we employ only teacher who conform to the aforesaid characteristic.

Besides, through a native speaker your child will learn specifics of pronunciation intrinsic only to the people who grew up in the English speaking environment. Some them speaks too fast, other emphasis “w” letter, other twist letter “r”. If your child gets familiar with this “peculiarities” or the original pronunciation he/she will be well prepared and armed for life of interaction with native speakers. He will not have to spend additional time and efforts on “adjusting” or “deciphering” naturally spoken English language. He will perceive the language the way native speakers do.

Why learning correctly from the very beginning is better

We all learned how to write and to read some time ago. We use these simple skills every day of our lives. Now imagine what would happen if we had to learn how to read and write all over again? Not quite attractive option. It is unpleasant to learn over something at any age. Besides, the circumstances can be that later there will not be a time to relearn.

Each age has its own tasks. In the childhood a person spends most of the time learning. Even though we learn throughout all our lives, we mostly base on the skills and knowledge acquired earlier in our lives. We guarantee maximum efficient English studying by your child which will definitely serve them in his/her life.