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Studying at home, in comfortable environment, no weather or traffic troubles, surrounded by best toys & playmates.

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The main element of EnglishKid is game which proves to be most effective way to learn English by kids throughout the world.

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Your child will be learning how to speak real English at the level American or British children speak from the very start

One of the most effective ways of learning English by kids is through games. Teaching through games as a method of English teaching is discussed at length in other articles on this website. Game is a congenital feature for cognition of a child and a natural way of exploring the world. Besides, other factors natural for any game such as communication, diversity and change pursue an important goal – they raise interest and affection for learning language.girafe2    

tennis2The method we use successfully combines all these factors including

games in action with the use of English language

games targeting correct grammar use

games actively developing English speaking

games creating positive attitude in a child towards the language

exercises targeting visual memory and reading

exercises targeting correct pronunciation of the English language


By doing so we use

the most advanced and effective methods

in a dialogue

fairy tale


through songs

and other forms

Our study materials

the materials include printed materials for the classroom as well as CDs and DVDs acknowledged among the best materials for English learning by children throughout the world  

skiing the materials that we use are used for children in such developed EuropeanLion countires as Germany, France, Japan, Australia and others

these materials are used by the parents for general development for children with mother tongue English language

for the kids of older age original English literature is used as well as modern and classic American books which in the reading by a native speaker in dozens of times expand vocabulary of a child. Through the books and life communication a child learns naturally the use of words and sentences in the English language, he learns real English language as opposed to simplified and twisted


our materials are colourful, attractive, positive and informative, full of humor and positive emotions

With us your child learns English language CORRECTLY from the very start saving necessity to learn over

because he/she learns language with a native speaker

from the very first weeks your child will be learning correct, true to life pronunciation and comprehension of English language

BuckyAnd most important! Some experts believe that the sooner a kid starts learning languages the more languages he/she will learn. We don’t ask you to start “at the earliest possible”, we offer to study at the best time for you to make life of your baby positively diverse and rich!

Some other methods and tips for learning the English language by kids

About computer games  Duck

Kids love spending time by computer and developing games for children in English will be excellent stimulating factor and a good supplement to the overall English studying process. Even though by no means will they replace real lessons with a teacher

About cartoons

Watching cartoons in foreign language has a positive effect. In particular, watching cartoons in English greatly improves comprehension and extends vocabulary. Watching English cartoons can be compared to watching English movies in original language for adults recommended as a powerful tool for language studying in all systems.