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We want for your child to communicate freely in English and, in general, feel comfortable in the English speaking environment.

To achieve this we use method of “immersion” into actual, live English communication.

The goals we pursue in teaching

  • free comprehension of live English speech;Search-Magnifying-Glass
  • eloquent English skills, overcoming communication “barrier”;

  • correct pronunciation;

  • expending vocabulary through highly interactive, communicative teaching style;


Methods we employ to accomplish all the above

  • teaching method specifically designed to teach English to children;exclamation_mark2

  • method is based on the skill of correct communication with a child;
  • live “immersion” into the language;
  • building active vocabulary in all fields of life;
  • teaching through games for the youngest;
  • combination of games style and academic approach for kids in elementary through primary school (where grammar is needed along with reading and writing, English grammar fundamentals)



Interesting fact. Right of language in the U.N.O. classification of human rights ranks the highest place among other rights. This is best testimonies to the power of language. Skillful, well-versed and eloquent language will always be among first advantages.

For example, in such country as America everybody who permanently enters the country is obliged learn English fluently.