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Studying at home, in comfortable environment, no weather or traffic troubles, surrounded by best toys & playmates.

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The main element of EnglishKid is game which proves to be most effective way to learn English by kids throughout the world.

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Your child will be learning how to speak real English at the level American or British children speak from the very start
Teaching methods of the English language – English courses for kids kiev EnglishKid

Teaching methods employed by EnglishKid are grounded on the cutting edge breakthroughs in the process of studying foreign languages by kids.Yes_i_speak_english_

Common view on this point is that the child most effectively learns foreign language through game and communication, provided all the important grammar structures are preserved.

Teaching methods of EnglishKid include system of activities developed by the prominent specialists throughout the world for children and proven practically effective many times. These activities include games, speaking exercises, exercises aimed at sentence creation, writing and mostly speaking, songs for the youngest children.


We’ve chosen best and up to date additional materials to study English additionally on top of the lessons. These are DVDs international award winners as the best quality educational material for children. And we will always keep our nose in the wind and be on a lookout for new developments and breakthroughs.



We also make sure that your child is surrounded by beautiful toys and fairy tale characters in order to fill his/her time with positive energy and positive emotions. Positive emotions during English learning play major role in motivation of your child at present and in the future.

We offer you to study in the most comfortable environment which is guaranteed when you study at home.

Effective learning and positive experience of your child with English studying is what we value the most!