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Studying at home, in comfortable environment, no weather or traffic troubles, surrounded by best toys & playmates.

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The main element of EnglishKid is game which proves to be most effective way to learn English by kids throughout the world.

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Your child will be learning how to speak real English at the level American or British children speak from the very start
About our English language school for children – English courses

Welcome to EnglishKid!

We make quality English learning for your kids!

Your child can study individually or in groups at home


Our school offers English learning for your children that you’ve been looking for a while yet only now found. Your child can study with American or British teacher from 2 or 3, 4 (5,6) (8-10) year old. By studying with native speaker your child will develop fundamental “base” of correct English usage for life. If your child continues studying, he/she no doubt will develop English skills close to the level of native speaker.

apply_f2Our program conforms to the best international practice adopted to our days, that is studying effortlessly through games and live communication.


We offer unique form of studying at home which has numerous benefits as it a) saves your time tremendously b) saves travelling costs c) you always can arrange education of your child in a way most convenient for you.


Your child will understand and speak actual and literate English within the vocabulary appertaining to his/her age. It is not only possible, it is real with us!giggles_5