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English for Kids with American and British

Your kid will be speaking English!

Studying English at the age of 3-4 years

At the 3-4 years age a child on one hand is still not confident enough with his/her native language, however on the other hand a child by this age possesses vocabulary in his/her native language sufficient to build on English vocabulary of the same range. A child still has very short attention span, therefore most activities should be in a form of game or song and material should be given through games and playful interaction.


It is the best time to introduce so simple yet important notions as simple verbs and movements, names of animals and basic objects, colours, seasons, family members, food, shapes and also counting up to 20 and also a child being able to say simple sentences like "What's your name? My name is.... I want.... I don't want.... Give me please....". At the age of 3-4 years a kid can speak quite a few words and sentences in English.        kinder16_2   

At this age a child has lots of energy. They start actively exploring the world and communicate with peers. That's why game is the best way to teach English at this age. Due to specific teaching methods and trained teachers who know how to work with children your child will love the English language and learning foreign language in general!