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English for Kids with American and British

Your kid will be speaking English!

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Studying at home, in comfortable environment, no weather or traffic troubles, surrounded by best toys & playmates.

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The main element of EnglishKid is game which proves to be most effective way to learn English by kids throughout the world.

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Your child will be learning how to speak real English at the level American or British children speak from the very start
English for kids kiev, English courses for children - EnglishKid

Welcome to English language school for kids EnglishKid!


All the parents want the best education for their kids. Because good education ensures prominent and secure future for their children, which is same thing all the parents wish for their kids.

By turning to EnglishKid you receive completely English speaking teaching by American or British teachers in a highly interactive teaching style that appeals to a child.

We go up to date!


Teaching to children at the European level by Native speakers

Learning in the most comfortable for you environment (if studying at home)

Affordability of studying (if studying in groups)

Individual lessons (at the individual, convenient for you schedule)

Now in order to receive in depth English knowledge you don’t have to send you child abroad!



English fluency at the level of native speaker remains one of the most valuable qualities equally desired on the job market and in business. There are massive number of examples of people ranking high positions in companies primarily due to eloquent English skills. Not to mention ever growing the English language expansion in all areas of our life. Needless to say that English language becomes more and more requisite and necessary skill at any job or any field. Nowadays English skills are evaluated based on the level of fluency, range of vocabulary and its close identity with true-to-life, actual English spoken by native speakers.

In EnglishKid we offer system of studying which guarantees that your child will speak English much better and coherent than with any Ukrainian mother tongue teacher.

Progress noted after the first moth!

In truth it is very easy to become well-versed in English and develop fluency in any foreign language than we are used to think. All what is needed is to study with fluently speaking teachers from the early age. This is what our school offers to you and your kids.

English for kids kiev


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